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Furnaces Replacment

Furnaces are the most commonly used residential heating system in the U.S. Running most often on gas, but sometimes on oil, propane, Wood, Coal, or electricity, furnaces deliver their heat through a duct system. Combustion furnaces always need to be vented to the outside. Traditionally, this was through a chimney, which tends to expel heat along with the exhaust. Modern high efficiency furnaces can be 96% efficient and operate without a chimney. The small amount of waste gas and heat are mechanically ventilated through a small tube through the side or roof of the house. Modern household furnaces are classified as condensing or non-condensing based on their efficiency in extracting heat from the exhaust gases. Furnaces can typically deliver heating savings of 20%-35% assuming the old furnace was in the 60% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) range which is why its a good idea to consider furnace replacement and evaluate the furnace replacement cost with the energy saving.