AC Reduce Bills Tips

10 tips to reduce air conditioning bills Lucky you.

You've got air conditioning. Lucky you. You've got AC bills.

Saving money on heating and cooling costs is actually a lot easier than you probably think. Here are some tips on cutting your air conditioning bill while still keeping your cool.

1. keep air conditioning on during the day; off at night.

.Set the thermostat at a minimum 72 degrees. Keep the air on during the day and off at night. Open the windows to take advantage of natural air conditioning.

2. set the thermostat at 72 degrees.

Suffer a lift and turn the air up to 72 degrees or higher. With each degree you go up, you can save on electricity and reduce your monthly bills by 3 to 5 percent. Suffer a little heat now, reap the monetary rewards next month.

3. don't leave the light on.

Lighting accounts for an estimated 10 percent of your utility bill. Save on electricity by turning off lights when you leave a room and keeping your lights clean.

4. keep upstairs rooms cool with fans.

Install attic fans and use them. You'll save money on electricity here by helping the chilled air circulate.

5. shut out the sun.

Close curtains and blinds during the day in rooms that aren't being used to keep the heat and the sun's burning rays out.

6. think white.

White and pale color shades, carpet, rugs, and upholstery reflect light and heat better than darker ones. Window awnings help, too.

7. seal door and window cracks.

Check your home's doors and windows for cracks or gaps that allow hot air to seep in, causing your air conditioning system to work harder. Re-caulk if necessary. Make sure your home is well-insulated against the heat.

8. replace air conditioning filters regularly.

To keep your AC running at peak efficiency, replace the machine's filter every three months for more home energy efficiency.

9. turn off the television.

Turn off the TV. It generates heat, too. (Sorry, kids!) 10. schedule maintenance for air conditioning units yearly. To keep all its parts running smoothly, schedule air conditioning maintenance at least once a year. A preventative maintenance program will save you money in the long run.