It’s time to replace your air conditioner as your AC is starting to lose performance and might be costing you more on AC maintenance. Installing an efficient air condition could possible save you hundreds of dollars on energy cost as well as maintenance cost. When your AC is not turning on you need to have an A/C repair technician come out to inspect and diagnose the problem and the technician could possibly recommend a new AC or major maintenance procedures.

Duct Inspection – By repairing, resealing, and reworking air ducts connected to your HVAC system, you can definitely boost up the efficiency. Before recommending a particular air conditioner, the AC contractor should consider duct efficiency, size, shape and orientation of your home. The contractor must also take into account the amount of insulation, windows, and number of people in the house. If you are receiving a quote on a new air conditioner and the contractor does not inspect the duct work thoroughly, you may want to get a second opinion.

Make sure your new air conditioner is sized properly – The recent improvements in air conditioner efficiency gives homeowners a choice for people to buy fewer tons of cooling power for their usage. In some cases the A/C unit your home was built with is not properly sized compared to today's standard. However, the problem is not going to be solved by increasing your air conditioner size.

Brand Matters – If you are looking for a lower priced air conditioner, you must be careful not to sacrifice the quality of the system. A low bid is from someone who hasn't probably analyzed your ducts and also who might not include a decent guarantee above the manufacturers slandered, ones may not benefit you in the long run. One must consider bid based on complete analysis, what we call an apples to apples comparison

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