By Sam Yasini Sometimes you can do it yourself and save Few easy Steps to change your thermostat no matter what type shape model. Tools needed: Small flat head screw driver. Philips screw driver. Wire Striper.

  1. Switch your Furnace OFF.
  2. Remove your old thermostat cover.
  3. Unscrew old thermostat.
  4. Mark your wires by color code, Usually R = Red Y = Blue/yellow W = White G = Green.
  5. Unscrew thermostat wires.
  6. Take your new thermostat out of the box and remove the Pace cover.
  7. Mount Pace on the wall and make sure its leveled.
  8. Start by inserting wires into the marked sluts and screw them tight.
  9. Make sure RC-RH are connected by a jumper.
  10. Palce Batteries into new Thermostat and install back to the PACE.
  11. Your Thermostat is ready to roll.