Everyone can probably think of at least one reason not to invest in a new Goodman furnace from Yasini Heating and Cooling, but at the end of the day, many of these reasons are simply excuses. If your furnace falls into any of these categories, it may be time to seriously consider a new heating system for your home and family. Four Reasons to Replace Your Old Furnace • Furnace Age: Furnace age signifies many things about a heating system. For one, if your unit is between 15-25 years old, it was not built to the same efficiency standards as modern, sophisticated units. Furthermore, as a unit ages, it's efficiency will decline. There comes a point when the efficiency of a unit is so low, the money saved on energy costs will begin to offset most of the payments. • Cracked Heat Exchanger: Cracks in the heat exchanger spell doom for a furnace. We are required by law to tag and deactivate the unit, because poisonous carbon monoxide may leak from this crack. • Flooded Basement: A furnace is not designed to adapt to water in the basement. If your sump pump has failed and inches of water have filled your basement and furnace, then it is vital you contact Yasini Heating for an assessment. Water within your unit can rot out internal components and cause a carbon monoxide leak much like a crack in the heat exchanger. • High Repair Costs: Much like a car, a furnace can accumulate repair needs to the point of becoming essentially "totaled". Eventually, repairing the unit will actually become more expensive than replacing it. Schedule Your Free Estimate with Yasini Heating and Cooling! Click below to book a free in-home estimate with Yasini Heating. Our Comfort Specialists are thoroughly trained to asses the needs of your home and listen to your concerns and restrictions when selecting the best heating system for your unique home.

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